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Jakob Eisenbach is a composer, sound designer and audio engineer from Germany. But If he would summarize his work in one core quality, he would say its the art of communication.

His idea of music and all its surrounding art forms is, that all their elements are part of a human performance that wants to communicate an idea. Elements that want to tell a story, are aiming for extraordinary experiences or are just the pure expression of emotion. Ideas that couldn't be communicated in the form of language or words alone.

Working with this core idea, he doesn't feel limited by genre ideas or common formal aspects, neither does he ignore their qualites: He worked on many filmscores in various styles, composed classical live concerts and even performed silentmovie-scores live, with a progressive metal band.

His sonic work includes the music and sound-design for non-linear virtual-reality experiences at the Swiss company TrueVR Systems, critically acclaimed movies and documentaries such as 'Saudi Runaway', as as well as live events such as Tonhalle Orchester Zürich TonhalleLATE, where he fusioned the world of orchestral music with the world of electronic music several times.

He worked alongside many artists such as Niki Reiser, Jay Samuelz, Amirali, Matador - or award winning directors like Wendy Pillonel, Timo Von Gunten or Susanna Regina Meures.
His filmscores have also been nominated for awards such as the Peer Raaben Award.

Utilizing his master degree in composition and his multi-instrumental skills on the guitar, piano, bass, viola, synths and drums in combination with his audio-engineering, sounddesigning and filming experience, he aims to bring any audiovisual project he works on to its best quality.

To take the lead on realizing his own ideas without a production company or record label, Jakob founded the company Vection Music GmbH in early 2019. The term 'vection' comes from the idea of functionality within his work: best explained as the illusion of selfmotion, 'vection' describes the effect of perceived selfmotion an individum experiences, when observing a moving scenery.

If it is orchestral music, electronic music, rock or jazz, experimental audio or sounddesign:
He is certain that these ideas are just different dialects in the form of music, all of which can communicate the same idea under the right circumstances.


After finishing his extensive studies in musical composition in 2020, Jakob aims to create further sonic experiences in the form of filmmusic, live shows, virtual reality experiences and studio works.