Stathis Tsemberlidis

Our collaboration with Stathis Tsemberlidis started through Amirali's Trial and Error and his amazing artworks for this album. We spoke to Stathis to find out more about him and the inspiration behind his artworks.

How would you best describe your work in three words?

Spiritual, allegorical, political.

Do you follow any of the artist that they’re really pushing the boundaries in visual arts right now that you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Few months ago I came across the work of Drew Berry, a biomedical animator based in Melbourne. He produces animations of protein complexes illustrating all these processes that happen inside the body in a microscopic level. It would have been very interesting to work together with him on a fine art project/research developing drawings and animations about alien biologies and mutations.

What are you working on at the moment and tell us about your upcoming work with Opus Project?

The past year I have been working on a feature sci-fi film based on one of my comic stories called ‘Prismatik Man’. At the moment I am developing a short pilot and looking for a producer to collaborate with.
Together with Lando (Decadence Collective) we recently started collaborating on our first video game project. The format is a platform exploration game, with puzzle and mystery solving elements. We want the game to match or be close to that of our comics , not pixel based but rather hand drawn animated. We plan to publish the first chapter of the story and get together a team of programmers and sound designers. Meanwhile we are looking into the possibilities of funding and developing the project further.

With Opus Project I am going to produce a series of drawings that would be part of a live audio visual performance by the artist and musician Amirali. I am looking into themes and compositions that could merge organically with the music. Its a very interesting and open project and I look forward to it.

Tell us about the impact of the recent events and isolation on you artistically?

The recent events have been devastating. Interesting to see how the whole neoliberal capitalist narrative in the west got demolished by a small virus. Apart from the horror and despair, all the negative energy could be channeled into a new driving force for humanity. In shocking moments such this one, the lack of any vision could be replaced by new knowledges and attempts to rethink and evaluate how to imagine the future. For over a decade now, together with the artist and good friend Lando, we have been exploring, apocalyptic and dystopian futures for humanity through our stories and films. It feels surreal to see these things happening in reality though.

If you had a time machine, what would you do with it?

I would jump into the future just to check if Roger Penroses’ theory of conformal cyclic cosmology is correct. Nothing better than witnessing the death of the very last photons left in the universe while waiting for the birth of a new universe to happen. Pretty far out spectacle.

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