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Space, depth and texture are three words that truly capture Amirali’s sonic signature and characterise the intricate musical world in which he operates.

Springing to the forefront of the electronic music scene, it was this distinctive sonic style that gained his debut album ‘In Time’ such enormous critical acclaim. Shortlisted for album of the year by Clash Magazine, hailed as “an example of perfect craftsmanship” by Resident Advisor along with receiving heavy praise from NPR and Mixmag, this young producer had created a ripple in the ocean which would transform into a tidal wave.

To truly understand Amirali’s creative approach you have to discover the different aspects that form his process. He is a live instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and at the core of that a classically trained pianist, this is his musical understanding and the platform on which he can begin to build. He is also an architect by education and his sound has been characterised as rich and full of layers, owing to his awareness of structure. Combining all of this he has a familiarity with all musical elements and how they balance one another to create a full and fascinating composition.

Amirali has gained widespread support from the top tier of electronic musicians, key media outlets and by continuing to turn heads he was invited to perform live on the very first video broadcast of the esteemed BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Adding fuel to the fire this resulted in a heavy touring schedule, allowing him to grace the stages as an uncompromising musician, songwriter and live performer at the most prestigious venues such as: Berghain (Berlin), Fabric (London), Opera House (Vienna), Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), D-Edge & Warung (Brazil), Arma17 (Moscow), and Warehouse Project (Manchester), to name a select few.

Always developing and needing to innovate artistically, Amirali also set up his record label and visual project, Dark Matters. A cohesive experience where the weird, wonderful and unusual is encouraged, providing a podium to release original material from emerging live acts as well as his own; displaying to the world the broad reaching sound he has become synonymous with.

The challenge and gratification involved with composing new musical configurations has led Amirali to take a break from touring and submerge himself within the process again, culminating in the completion of his second studio album. With a developed intricacy, this album still retains his unique sound but demonstrates a much more evolved, mature and sonically sophisticated artistic statement on a completely new production level.

Amirali was recently invited to perform with one of the top 10 Philharmonic Orchestras in the world, Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich; they opened an invitation for Amirali to reimagine music from his repertoire in a Neo-Classical context, orchestrated along with the seven-piece group of soloists. His performance has been noted as the best in their series so far.

With a revitalised creativity Amirali has grand plans for 2020 and the beyond; he is conceptualising a new live stage show which will be performed following the release of his second studio album. Dark Matters will continue to cultivate, maintaining a commitment to unearthing and displaying new talent as well as exhibiting Amirali's refined musical statement.

Imagination and originality are key ingredients needed for Amirali to flourish, it is with these ideals and a fresh outlook that he mobilises his creativity and presses forward.

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